How to find the right fishing charter in Sydney

1. Determine what kind of experience you are after.

Fishing charters in Sydney have different specialties. For example, do you wish to go deep sea fishing or game fishing? Reef fishing or Sports fishing? Are you after a family or child friendly environment or a fully catered corporate bonding experience with your team or clients? Is there a particular species of fish that you are chasing? These are all specialties that can narrow your search for the fishing charter company in Sydney that is right for you.

2. Decide your trip duration.

A fishing charter from Sydney harbour can be a big day out. A long day in the sun, wind or rain, calm seas or rough. Do you live locally in Sydney and are able to fit this into a day trip or are you looking for a package deal for a weekend away? How far are you willing to travel? You may need to narrow down your search by location or use the assistance of a travel agent for a complete package deal.

3. Get to know your charter captain.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. How many years have they been in business? How long have they been fishing the seas off Sydney? Find out how well they know the area in which they are operating, not only because they know the best spots to fish, but for safety navigating the seas. Ask about their best and worst charter. By striking up a conversation and asking just a few questions you will quickly be able to determine whether your fishing charter captain is all about business or whether they truly love what they do. An enthusiastic and knowledgeable charter captain will enhance your fishing charter experience.

4. Determine your budget.

Are you looking to make a group booking or jump on board with other fishing enthusiasts? Is catering required? What are you hoping to get out of the experience? Some cheaper fishing charters in Sydney start at around $100 for a half day, depending on group size. Others are around or upwards of $300, this may have other inclusions such as lunch or refreshments.

5. Ask around for recommendations.

Word of mouth is said to be the best form of advertising. Ask friends, locals, and take a look at online forums or Sydney tourism / travel websites for reviews and customer experience specific to the Sydney region. Everyone’s experience will be different, especially given the uncertainty of fishing. But a good fishing charter will ensure that their group has a great day out, no matter what size of the catch that day.

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